Hypergaming is the first commercial, high performing & highly scalable game server for the online gambling industry!

Built on top of well proven Open Source technologies Hypergaming is designed for limitless scaling, enabling game providers to support any number of concurrent players with minimal hardware requirements and no additional license cost. Hypergaming provides real time analytics and reporting through a feature-rich Back Office and it can be easily integrated into any gaming platform of online gambling operators

Hypergaming is the best solution for you if...

  • You are a game provider for the gambling industry looking for a reliable gameserver to monetize your content
  • You have existing games running on landbase machines and you are looking for a way to expand your business to the online

Key Features

Supports any Slot game

It embeds the popular SLOT-IDE game engine and automatically implements the game logic of any slot game from a description of its rules. No need to implement the mathematics, just focus on the design of the slot client!

Easy integration

Supports a flexible set of API and operating modes that allow instant integration. Both Seamless and Funds-Transfer wallet modes are supported

On demand scalability

Hypergaming clusters allow scaling on demand as game play volume increases. Clusters are made of stateless simmetric nodes and can be dynamically extended at any time with no down-time

Real time analytics and reporting

Reports and accounting data are always available instantly no matter how much historical data is there, and regardless of the game play volume

Feature rich

Supports jackpots, freespins, play-for-fun mode, multiple currencies, configurable RTP and game limits

API control

All functionalities are exported via APIs, allowing third parties to control jackpots, freespins and configure games

Feature Rich Back Office

It features a device-aware Back Office that allows full control on the games and provides great marketing and reporting tools

Minimize hardware costs

Built with performance in mind it is capable of supporting large numbers of concurrent players with limited hardware requirements. With HypergGaming you don't need to purchase any additional software license as the whole architecture is based entirely on Open Source technologies

Easily extensible

Hypergaming core is written in C++ while all the game server code is written in plain javascript. This allows javascript developers to easily control and extend any functionality. A plugin system allows adding additional game engines to support any other game type